Thursday, February 28, 2013

Product Review: Gluten Free 'Pop Tarts' (dairy free too, contains egg)

I was fairly excited to hear that Glutino would be producing a gluten free toaster pastry (gluten free 'pop tart') and even more excited when I saw them at my local Whole Foods.  (Yes, Eco Planet makes a 'pop tart' style gf toaster pastry as well but I've yet to find them nearby.)  Due to trademark issues, Glutino can't call them a pop tart (since that is Kellogg's brand name) but it is obvious from the shape of the pastry and the box that that is what these are meant to replace.

Glutino's new gluten free toaster pastry - apple cinnamon
While I ate Kellogg's pop-tarts as a kid, I had long lost interest in them before I went gluten free.  I did however sometimes still have a Pillsbury Toaster Strudel.  I mention this because I found that Glutino's gf/df toaster pastries were a nice cross between the two.  They were actually quite a bit more flakey than a poptart but firmer than a toaster strudel.  The kid in me missed the hard icing on the outside (or the icing bag that comes with toaster strudel) but I suspect Glutino was going for a 'healthier' product.  (There is added sugar but it is quite a way down the ingredients list.)

These gluten free toaster pastries come five to a box (individually wrapped) and were $4.99 which price-wise isn't bad for a gluten free product.  They offer both strawberry and apple cinnamon.  The box recommends toasting on the lowest setting (the crust will brown quite a bit if you don't) or microwaving for only a couple of seconds (didn't try the microwave yet).

Overall, they were quite good and I'll definitely buy them again!

Update 5/1/13 - if you can't find them locally, these are now available in cases of six at Glutino Toaster Pastries(but they are quite expensive and require paying for shipping).

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