Monday, April 29, 2013

Restaurant Review: Gao Thai Kitchen (Ramsey, NJ)

I recently had dinner at (or more correctly, ‘from’) Gao Thai Kitchen (63 West Main Street, Ramsey, NJ 07446). I had gone with a friend for dinner but there was quite a wait (it was a Saturday night and they were packed) so we decided instead to get take out.

Gluten Free Massaman Curry at Gao Thai Kitchen
Their menu flags which items are gluten free and like most Thai restaurants there is very little dairy anywhere on the menu. The gluten free options include an appetizer, two soups, three salads and eleven entrees! The sides, drinks and desserts aren’t flagged but I suspect most are or could be gluten free as well. (Not sure how many of the desserts are/could be dairy free though.)

We got both the Massaman curry and the Panang curry. Due to a throat issue, I’m trying to avoid spiciness currently (I know, Thai really shouldn't have been my choice) and while the Panang would have been perfect before, I ended up favoring the Massaman as it was closer to mild. Both dishes were quite good and easily as good as any meal I had gluten free in Thailand.

Gluten Free Panang Curry at Gao Thai Kitchen
The food was excellent and I’d definitely go again, especially once the weather gets a bit warmer and one can sit out on their back patio area!
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