Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gluten Free / Dairy Free Products I'm Still Searching For

I seem to have a knack for finding Gluten Free and/or Dairy Free products. You see, I have a bit of a Supermarket addiction. After reviewing my credit card receipts, I noticed that on average, I make 12 grocery trips a month! (Yes, that's three a week.) And I don't go to the same store 12 times, but depending on where I am or what product I want, I'd say I visit 5-6 different stores per month (2 different ShopRites, Kings, Whole Foods, Fairway, and the occasional Stop & Shop, A&P, Trader Joes, or Nature's Pavilion).

In visiting so many different stores, when someone is missing something, I usually know exactly where they can find it. Sadly there are still some things I am missing. Specifically:

Gluten free/dairy free ravioli - I used to eat Soyboy, but they don't do gluten free (if you're just dairy free you can buy them at Whole Foods).

Gluten free/pork free pot stickers - Don't remember the brand but Shoprite had chicken ones in their freezer section, sadly, also not gluten free.

Gluten free/dairy free/pork free Pigs-in-a-blanket - I used to eat Cohen's Beef Franks in Puff Pastry (kosher makes them Pork and Dairy free!) Lots of supermarkets carry these if you're just dairy free.

Jelly Donuts - Like I used to eat as a kid at Dunkin Donuts.

If you know where I can find these in the NJ area, please post in the comments below! (I'll settle for links to recipes on where I can make my own, but I'd really rather just pop into a store and buy them!)


  1. De liteful foods on Quakerbridge Rd in Lawrenceville has Great Foods egg rolls and pot stickers, Katz's jelly donuts, Joan's REAL jewish bagels, 3 Bakers (faux) rye bread etc., etc. They have a large amount of gluten free items from smaller local companies. The prices on name brands like Udi's are better in the supermarket, but for stuff on your wish list the variety in this little shop is MUCH better.

    1. Haven't been since they moved, but they and lots of other stores are on my Gluten Free NJ Store list.


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