Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Restaurant Review: Uno Chicago Grill (6 locations in NJ)

I stopped for dinner at an Uno Chicago Grill Saturday night after a basketball game (for those interested, Seton Hall lost).  Whenever I go out with my brothers they are always sure to pick somewhere I can eat so we usually hit Unos a couple of times a season.  

Steak Tips, Brown Rice and Craisins, Steamed Brocoli,
all prepared Gluten and Dairy Free at Uno Chicago Grill
Since Unos has a touch screen computer kiosk in their lobby that links to their nutrition information, it is easy for me to eat there. This online resource not only lists the eight major allergens (the same ones required on groceries) but each entry also contains a link to a full listing of every ingredient in a menu item. That's right, no need to rely on asking what is in a certain sauce or side dish, you can easily look it up! 
The Brown Rice and Craisins is GF/DF, as is the steamed broccoli.  The Steak Tips used to be on the GF menu but aren't anymore.  They don't contain any gluten ingredients (only Soy is listed as an allergen), so I asked my server (and the manager who he brought over).  They confirmed they didn't have any gluten ingredients and said they could prepare it gluten free. 

As always it was a good meal and it was nice to feel safe in a chain restaurant.  Now I just wish they would get Daiya cheese so I can try their gluten free pizza too!

One final thought - the chain has reported some financial concerns so I wouldn't wait to long to visit them.

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