Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gluten Free Cart at Prudential Center (Newark, NJ) continues to amaze! (Restaurant Review)

The Gluten Free Cart at the Prudential Center was the first ‘restaurant’ I reviewed on this site last year. They’re actually even better this year! They’ve made (and continue to make) some exciting improvements.

Gluten Free Hot Dog and Gluten Free Brownie from
the Gluten Free Cart at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ
[sadly the relish is almost certainly cross contaminated]
First up, they now offer individually wrapped cookies/brownies from Gilbert’s Goodies. Considering what one would pay for a similar gluten containing snack at the arena they are actually reasonably priced. These are a nice addition to the Glutino pretzels and potato chips they already offered.

I’ve never actually had a grilled sausage sandwich from the cart since I’m also allergic to pork, but the Grainless Baker rolls that they use for them are now dairy free as well. The cart sometimes has Grainless Baker hot dog buns that are also dairy free too (and much better than the Ener-G hot dog buns). [The woman at the cart is very helpful and will gladly let you check the ingredients on the rolls or anything else, just ask – she’s used to me double checking everything!]

As I mentioned last year, they have individual mustard packs but the only relish/sauerkraut available was at the regular condiment stands which are open and almost certainly cross contaminated. But guess what was new last night? They are now serving sauerkraut at the GF cart itself, and it is behind the glass where wheat-eating hot dog bun customers can’t get at it!

I really have to applaud the management at the Prudential Center for catering to us and continuing to improve their offerings. Wouldn’t it be great if there were options like this everywhere we went?

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