Sunday, April 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: Legal Sea Foods (Paramus, NJ, Short Hills, NJ, and multiple locations in 9 other states)

I recently met a friend of mine for lunch at the Legal Sea Foods in Paramus, NJ. She’s eaten there a number of times since going gluten free but this was my first time (I did however remember how accommodating and knowledgeable they were when all I had was a dairy intolerance).

Gluten Free / Dairy Free Dinner Rolls
at Legal Sea Foods in Paramus, NJ
I knew from reviewing their menu that they had breaded gluten free calamari and bread gluten free shrimp fried in dedicated oil. I also knew (but had forgotten) that they offered gluten free dinner rolls to start. Of course, when they arrived I checked on their dairy content and was pleased to find that they are also dairy free (although they do contain egg).

The gluten free menu is mostly dishes that are gluten friendly (assorted grilled seafood, sandwiches without a roll, etc.) There are a number of standouts: the aforementioned fried shrimp and calamari, gluten free croutons for the salads, and Baked Boston Scrod with GF crumbs.

Gluten Free Fried Shrimp at Legal Sea Foods in Paramus, NJ
For lunch we both ordered the fried shrimp. Since they were frying the shrimp anyway, I asked if they could toss some fries into the same oil thereby making them gluten free as well (their standard menu fries are fried in shared oil). It was a slow afternoon and they agreed!

Everything was amazing. The rolls were light and flakey and nice to have in a mixed group where everyone else is eating gluten containing bread before dinner. The shrimp were fried up nice and crispy and were amazing as well.

This is definitely somewhere I’ll be heading back to!
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  1. Hi Jason,
    Restaurant and product reviews are so helpful to all of us but especially to those who are new to GF like my son. We have been using a free app to help 'Find Me Gluten Free'. Once you log in as a member you can post your reviews for a particular location (and you write thougtful, helpful reviews).

  2. Gretchen, I'll take a closer look at them. I do have the app but haven't used it much; it is missing many great locations and includes lots of restaurants that can only do pizza (a no-no for those of use who are also dairy free). Thanks for the tip and the compliment!


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