Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Restaurant Review: Janice A Bistro (Hohokus, NJ)

Filet Mignon over asparagus with a red wine reduction
and GF french fries (from a dedicated fryer!)
Last Monday night, I went to Janice A Bistro (23 Sheridan Avenue, Hohokus, NJ) with two gluten free friends of mine.  Neither of them had ever been there before and I was eager to show off one of my favorite restaurants. 

After sitting at a round table by the front window, our waiter came over and offered to read us the specials.  We let him know that all three of us were gluten free and that I was also dairy free.  He told us that the specials list had the GF options already flagged!  In addition to the half dozen or more specials he also let us know that they had three shapes of pasta, capellini, penne and one other that escapes me.  Both of my friends were thrilled to encounter GF capellini and order them.  I ordered one of the specials: Filet Mignon over asparagus with a red wine reduction and mashed potatoes.  Our waiter hurried off to the kitchen to ensure that they could prepare this dairy free as well.  (I've been to Janice's before and they are super accommodating, so I had no doubts.)  A quick substitution of gluten free french fries for the mashed potatoes and we were set.  That's right - Janice's has a dedicated fryer so their french fries are gluten free.

Gluten Free Capellini with a Pomodoro Sauce

Our waiter brought my friends gluten free bread and olive oil while we waited.  (The bread unfortunately has dairy in it.)  As always at Janice's, the dinner was amazing, made even better by the confidence that it was all totally safe for us. 

After dinner we found they had two gluten free options for dessert (neither dairy free).  My friends split a flourless chocolate cake that looked absolutely delicious. 

We finally left at almost 10pm.  We had arrived at 6:30 and found that we were the last ones in the restaurant.  How's that for terrific service, we never once felt rushed!

Gluten Free Capellini with a Bolognese Sauce

They've got a menu on their website (http://www.janiceabistro.com/) but don't be deceived, at least for dinner, they have a long list of additional specials. If you find yourself in the Northern New Jersey area I would definitely recommend you check Janice's out! (I for one hope to be heading back for dinner there soon.)
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  1. Hi,

    Looks like a great restaurant that you have found there. I run a Gluten Free travel website that has suggestions of places to eat/stay worldwide and I was wondering if you may allow me to use your review on the site please?

    I would more than happily link back here with credit.


  2. Hi Mike,

    Sounds great! I'll shoot you an email and we can discuss details.



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