Saturday, June 1, 2013

New gluten free book for kids!

I had the pleasure of meeting local NJ author Heather Spergel at the last meeting of the gluten free support group that meets at the Fine Grind in Little Falls.  She had brought along an advanced copy of her new children's book "Free to be . . . Gluten-Free!".  It's the story of a young boy who becomes ill, deals with the 'gluten monster' and then recovers.  I won't review the book here as I'm a bit too old (it's for kids) and sadly have no children of my own. 

I will however point out some of the highlights of the book.  First, the little boy in the book has a multitude of different gluten related symptom making it much more likely that a gluten free child will find at least one to relate to.  So many other books are specific only to Celiac disease or digestive issues.  Second, there are a number of gluten free recipes in the back of the book (especially useful to those just starting out) as well as other strategies for transitioning to gluten free.  Third, Heather wrote not just about the physical and mental symptoms of gluten issues but the emotional issues of having to eat differently from everyone else.  And, finally, the author, her son and her daughter are all gluten free with a multitude of different symptoms so she's writing from a world of experience.

The book is due out in June and Heather will be making a couple of local appearances including a Mommy and Me Story time at Whole Foods in West Orange (June 19, 11:30am), a meet and great + story time at Barnes and Nobles in Livingston (June 22, 12pm) and another at the Fine Grind Coffee Bar in Little Falls (June 29, 12pm).  [A full list of future and other appearances are on her website here.]

You can get a copy of the book (once released) at the Livingston Barnes and Nobles, or your local book store can order it for you from their distributors.  If you can't find it locally (or don't have a local bookstore to order it for you) you can order it online from

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