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Restaurant Review: Kei Kabob (Montclair, NJ)

So nice to have a menu full of interesting and flavorful options!

Gluten Free Falafel with Dairy Free
Tahini Sauce at Kei Kabob
A friend of mine (who is strictly gluten free and mostly dairy free) has been raving about Kei Kabob (401 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042) for a couple of weeks now.  When she first mentioned having eaten there I checked out their website but didn't see any mention of gluten free.  In talking with her again, it turns out the owner's nephew is gluten free and while the fresh baked flat bread they serve with most meals is decidedly not gluten free, most of the rest of the menu naturally is.  (Quite a bit of the menu is dairy free as well since Persian food doesn't call for a lot of dairy.) [And the owner's daughter is lactose free so he is up on this as well!]

Yesterday, I worked from home and met her for lunch.  Kei Kebob is a small store front restaurant with Persian decorations and Persian music lightly playing in the background. 

I had the Classic Barg Kebob (grilled filet mignon) and we split an order of the Falafel (fried in its own fryer).  I was a little concerned that perhaps the sauce on the Falafel was yogurt based but it turns out to be a tahini sauce (ground sesame seed).  Everything was amazing!

Gluten Free Barg Kabob (grilled filet mignon)
Often when eating out what we are left with are some very bland items (grilled chicken, sandwiches without bread, baked potatoes) but at Kei Kabob there are plenty of interesting and tasty choices!

For dessert the owner convinced us to try the Sholeh Zard (which means Yellow Flame).  It is a Persian rice pudding, that is both gluten and dairy free.  It is a rare treat to be able to eat dessert out and even rarer for something so wonderfully flavorful (it is seasoned with saffron, cinnamon and rose water).

Gluten Free Dairy Free Sholeh Zard (Rice Pudding)
I did ask the owner why he didn't advertise or note how much of their menu was gluten free.  His response is quite common for a restaurant owner: they bake their own bread in house and he can't guarantee there is zero cross contamination.  He does take a number of steps to avoid cc (changing out all utensils / cookware that may have touched gluten when a GF order comes in) and we felt quite safe (while I don't react to small amounts of gluten my friend does and she's eaten here multiple times already).  As is true with most restaurants you'll have to double check when you go but I do highly recommend that you give them a try!

In writing this review I took another peek at their full menu and will definitely be returning for dinner as a number of the entrees sound terrific!
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  1. Looks delicious, I'll have to try it out. Thank you :)


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