Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Politics, Religions and Which is the Best Gluten Free Pasta

They say that one should never discuss politics or religion in polite company.  If you are gluten free then you should probably add pasta to that list!  It seems everyone has their favorite and some people are quite passionate about their likes and dislikes when it comes to pasta.

Best overall: Schär - Overall,  I think Schär makes the best pasta.  It holds up best when cooked and has a texture closest to regular pasta.  A lot of supermarkets are carrying the Schär line now so it should be easy to find.  I've seen it at ShopRite, Kings, Foodtown and Stop & Shop.  If you can't find it locally, it can be ordered by the individual box at the Gluten Free Mall by clicking here: Schär Gluten-Free Pasta

Everyday use: Goldbaums - For everyday use I usually go with Goldbaums pasta.  It is one of the least expensive gluten free pastas available and it comes in a 16oz package.  I usually bring left overs for lunch at work and making a pound of pasta provides me with three meals.  I've seen Goldbaums at Kings and Fairway.  If you can't find it locally, it can be ordered in bulk on amazon.com by clicking here: Goldbaums Brown Rice Pasta

Stuffed Shells: Tinkyada - Overall, I'm not a big fan of Tinkyada pasta.  I don't think it holds up well during cooking and I find the texture to be softer than regular pasta.  I've also found their cooking times to be excessive.  Anytime I've cooked their pasta for as long as recommended I've had mush.  They do however make more shapes of pasta than any other company.  The only shape I use is their large shell if I want to make Gluten Free / Dairy Free Stuffed Shells.  I've seen Tinkyada pasta almost everywhere, but have only ever seen their large shells at Nature's Pavilion (on rt23 in Pompton Plains) and Fairway.  They can also be ordered in bulk on amazon.com by clicking here: - Tinkyada Brown Rice Shells

Lasagna: DeBoles - DeBoles also makes a number of pasta shapes (but be careful as they also make gluten containing pasta).  The only one I use is their No Boil Lasagna noodles when making Gluten Free / Dairy Free Lasagna.  I've seen DeBoles in a number of supermarkets in the area.  They also can be ordered in bulk on amazon.com here: De Boles Rice Lasagna

Fresh: RP's - RP's makes four shapes: Fettuccine, Fussili, Spinach Fettuccine and Linguini.  You can read my full review here: RP's Fresh Gluten Free Pasta and if you can't find it locally (they're sold nationwide at Whole Foods) you can order them online from the Gluten Free Mall here: RP's Pasta Company Gluten-Free Pasta

Other Brands:  I've tried a couple of other brands as well.  They're reviewed below:

Bionaturae - Overall this pasta is good, but a little soft texturewise.  [Not mushy, just soft.]  It comes in a 12oz bag and is a blend of rice, potato, and soy.  Shoprite has this brand as do a number of other stores (but be careful, Bionaturae makes gluten containing pasta as well).  Amazon.com has them in bulk: Bionaturae Gluten Free Pasta

Le Veneziane - This corn pasta is also quite good and a number of my friends rave about it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find (the only store I've seen it in is Corrado's) and comes in an 8-9oz bag/box. Amazon.com has it by the individual package here: Le Veneziane Italian Gluten Free Pasta

Ancient Harvest - A blend of Corn and Quinoa, it is probably one of the most nutritious gluten free pastas around.  It comes in an 8oz box and holds up very well when cooked.  I usually pick it up at Whole Foods if I'm going to get it.  The Gluten Free Mall has it as well: Ancient Harvest Quinoa Gluten-Free Pasta

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