Sunday, August 7, 2011

McDonald's Gluten Free Hamburger Buns (in Spain)

I just read today on Gluten Free Kid Travel that All McDonalds in Spain Now Have GF Buns!  Wow!  They are manufactured in Spain, so I doubt they are the same bun as I had on my Gluten Free Adventure in Oslo in December but hopefully they are just as good.
Gluten Free / Dairy Free Bread in Spain,
sadly it wasn't as crusty as it appears it should be

Spain is super easy to travel to if you are gluten and/or dairy free.  They don't really cook with either (although they eat bread with every meal) and awareness is quite high.  Here in the US I don't really tell waitstaff that I am gluten intolerant (or Celiac which although I'm not, has better awareness) instead I explain all the things I can't eat.  My spanish isn't great, but the first couple of times I tried to explain to a waiter what I couldn't eat, they would interupt me with a "¿Celiaco, no?".  And they knew exactly what that meant!

The village my grandfather was from (population 2-3,000) even has GF products available!  Most of the big supermarket chains carry GF products as well (although I have to be careful as a lot of the non-bread items contain dairy).  The best is Mercadona, but Corte Ingles and Supercor are good as well.

I would highly recommend traveling to Spain (and not just for McDonald's GF hamburger buns)!  Before you go you may want to check out the website  It is mostly in Spanish but there is an English section (and the restaurant and store lists don't really need translating).  You should also read my Guide to Traveling Gluten Free / Dairy Free.

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