Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tomato Free Chili Recipe (Gluten Free / Dairy Free as well)

I'm slowly returning to the dishes I had to give up when my tomato intolerance got too severe.  I'm also trying to increase the amount of vegetables I consume so this has quite a bit more bell pepper and beans than other chili recipes.  Up next will be a Tomato Free Salsa Recipe.
Tomato Free / Dairy Free / Gluten Free Chili
Over Tortilla Chips with Melted Vegan Gourmet Cheddar

Chili (with or without tomato) is naturally gluten free and dairy free (depending on whether or not you add cheese and if so, whether or not it is vegan cheese) but you can modify this however it suits your tastes.  This can also be used to make tomato free chili dogs and tomato free nachos!

1 pound ground beef
1 large onion, well chopped
2 green bell peppers, well chopped
2 cloves of garlic, chopped fine
2 - 15oz cans of dark red kidney beans
2-3 tbsp of chili powder
Salt and pepper to taste
2 cups of tomato free sauce (or plain tomato sauce if you can)
¼ cup fresh basil chopped (exclude if nomato/tomato sauce contains basil)

How to prepare no tomato chili:
Sauté the ground beef, onion, green bell pepper, and garlic until onion is tender and beef is beginning to brown. Drain off the fat from the meat.

Add the contents of the cans of beans (if you drain and rinse them then add a ½ cup of water as well, if you don’t drain them, try to avoid the sediment at the bottom of the cans). Add the chili powder, basil, salt, pepper and if using tomato sauce (see directions below if using tomato free sauce). Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Simmer, covered for 20 minutes.

[If using tomato free sauce that contains beets, simmer without the sauce for 15 minutes, then add the no tomato sauce, stir it in, and finish simmering for another 5 minutes. Beets will turn brown if cooked too long.]

Serve over plain white rice.

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