Friday, September 2, 2011

Which Gluten Free Hot Dog Bun is Best?

I’m a huge fan of Udi’s Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns. However, to make sure they are the best option, I've now tried all the rest.

My very first gluten free hot dog was years ago at Soul Dog in Poughkeepsie, NY.  The bun fell apart and I ended up with mustard all over me, but I was still happy to have a hot dog again!  Boy have we come a long way since then.

I used to use Ener-G buns before Udi’s came along but they are a little dry and they fall apart at the seam. Schär does make a sub sandwich roll that could be used as a hot dog bun but it's just not the same (and they end up being quite pricey).
Udi's (left) versus Rudi's (right) Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns

That leaves Rudi as the only other competitor and since Rudi's buns aren't very available in my area so it took a while for me to try them. When I finally did, I found that the Rudi's buns aren't pre-split, aren't fluffy, and when cut open come apart at the seam (as you can see from the photo at the right).  Truth be told, coming apart at the seam is really the deal breaker for me - six years of suffering through bread, rolls, brownies, buns, etc falling apart and crumbling on me and I expect more. 

The only advantage Rudi's has over Udi's is that they are truly multigrain (they contain sunflower seed and flax seed). However, I'm not really looking for my hot dog bun to be nutritious; after all, I am putting a hot dog on it!  I do realize that this is important to others and in that case the Rudi's is a good alternative.

In the end though, compared to all the rest, hands down Udi's is still the best. If you defrost them in the microwave (half power for about 30 seconds) right before you need them they hold together great (especially at the seam) and are soft and fluffy. While it is coming to the end of cookout season in NJ, I still think I'll have a few more before it gets too cold out!

Schär Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns
Update 6/19/2013 - Schär has now come out with Gluten Free Hot Dog buns. They are sold in a four pack shelf stable package. They are a bit bigger than the Udi buns and are only cut half way through. In order to load a hot dog and toppings I had to cut it open further and although I didn't cut all the way through, the seam still didn't hold up once loaded. [The packaging shows a toasted bun so I don't feel bad about cutting it further.] Taste wise they are fine and I would probably use them more for grilled sausage. Overall, I still think Udi's the best (and as compared to Schär quite a bit less expensive as well).

You should be able to find gluten free hotdog buns locally but if you can't they are available online: Udi's Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns (1 package) from the Gluten Free Mall and Schär Gluten Free Hot Dog Rolls (case of six 4-packs) from also sells cases of the Ener-G buns but neither sells the Rudi's buns.

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  1. Does Canyon Ranch make a hot dog bun? I know they make hamburger buns. You do know the search never ends? Right?

  2. No they do not make a hot dog bun. I did find out today that they make a focaccia bread though!

    As for who's hamburger bun is best . . . I haven't finished that article yet! ;-)

    And no, the search never ends as long as new copmanies are willing to launch new and better products!


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