Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gluten Free Holiday Cookies and Cakes by Schär and Mi-Del

Oh, how the times have changed!

Schär Gluten Free Dairy Free Spekulatius
It’s amazing how different both the product landscape and restaurant landscape has changed for gluten free food in the six years I’ve been gluten free. We now have sandwich bread that doesn’t fall apart, pasta that isn’t mush, and over 100 national chains and local restaurants in NJ now have gluten free menus!

And now, the gluten free market has gotten big enough that companies can launch targeted gluten free products for the holidays!

Schär – Wegmans is carrying a special line of Schär products for the holidays: Panettone (Italian Christmas Cake), Fantasia (yellow sponge cake), Cioccolini (chocolate cookies with a chocolate cream center), Fior di Sole (vanilla ring cookies) and Spekulatius (spiced cookies stamped with images of the traditional story of St. Nicholas from the West Germany/Belgium/Netherlands area). [For those who don’t also need dairy free – there is a chocolate chip version of the Panettone and a Lebkuchen (chocolate covered gingerbread cookies).] I’ve only tried the Spekulatius so far and they were good – crispy and a welcome change from the other cookies I eat year round.

Mi-Del Gluten Free / Dairy Free Gingerbread Men
Mi-Del has a box of GF/DF Gingerbread men.  (Be careful as they also sell gluten containing Gingerbread men.)  These are good as well although they taste suspiciously like their ginger snaps. (But then again, you can’t bite the head off a ginger snap!) I bought mine at Fairway but I suspect they will be available in most supermarkets where Mi-Del products are sold.

Hopefully, you can find these products in person as I have not seen any of them for sale online.

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