Sunday, December 11, 2011

Product Review: Feel Good Foods Dumplings

WARNING: You must follow the directions exactly as written on the packaging!
Cooking Feel Good Foods' Gluten Free Asian Dumplings

I’ve heard a number of people complain that these dumplings fall apart or that they just turn to mush. I had minimal issues with them but it is critical that you follow the directions on the box exactly. (They say shake frequently to avoid sticking, I found that means almost constantly!) They’ve even posted a video on their website showing exactly how to cook the dumplings.

Feel Good Foods produces four types of gluten free Asian style dumplings: Chicken, Pork, Shrimp and Vegetable. I found that they came out exactly like the traditionally prepared dumplings one would get at an Asian restaurant (not the deep fried type).

After their success with dumplings, I hear rumors they are launching a gluten free egg roll in early 2012!!!
Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Asian Dumplings

I’ve seen the dumplings at Corrado’s and Nature’s Pavilion. They are also available at a number of other small retailers across the state. If you can’t find them locally you can order them from the gluten free mall here: Feel Good Foods Asian Style Gluten-Free Dumplings.

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