Friday, May 11, 2012

Updated Gluten Free French Fries List

I’ve updated my list of Restaurants (Independent, Chain and Fast Food) that offer gluten free French fries. I started by consolidating the last update article into the original article here: Gluten Free French Fries so you no longer need to read both articles. I then added these six locations:

Grilled Chicken on Gluten Free Bun
with a side of Gluten Free French Fries
Applebee’s – No, the fries here aren’t safe even though they are on their gluten free list. The fries themselves are gluten free but are fried in a shared fryer (double check with your local Applebee’s).

Energy Kitchen – gluten free crinkle cut fries are baked not fried so no concerns about shared fryers here. Review of Energy Kitchen.

In-N-Out Burger – they don’t have any NJ locations but they have a loyal gluten free following in the states where they are. The only fried item on their menu is their fries.

Joe’s American Grill – I just ate here and found out that they will pan fry potatoes to avoid cc issues. (At least they offered this at my local Joe’s be sure to double check with yours.)

Pop Shop – I read recently that this Collingswood, NJ restaurant has installed a fryer to make gluten free chicken fingers and gluten free fries.

Shake Shack – they aren’t in NJ yet either but have a number of NYC locations. Their fries are gluten free and fried in a dedicated fryer, however, they warn that their oil recycling may introduce cross contamination.

That’s it for now, are there any restaurants that I’m missing? If so shoot me a quick email using the Contact Me form on the left.

Looking for somewhere to eat?

Gluten Free NJ Restaurant List (includes those serving GF fries)

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