Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gluten Free NJ Bakery List!

I've recently found a number of additional bakeries in New Jersey offering gluten free products (including two that are dedicated gluten free). Rather than continuing to add them to my New Jersey Gluten Free Restaurant List, I've given them their own page!

There are eleven bakeries so far (plus two in NY State) and if I'm missing any please use the contact me form on the left to let me know!  Where information was available, I've included the other allergens they could handle as well as whether or not they could do vegan baked goods as well.

Each bakery advertises at least some gluten free products, but as always, discuss your specific needs with the bakery itself.

Here's the list: Gluten Free NJ Bakeries

[I've been to both Tu-Lu's and Babycakes in NYC and will be writing reviews at some point . . . and then adding them to the NY section of the list!]

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