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Restaurant Review: Pizza Fusion and their new GF Sub Sandwich Rolls (Red Bank, NJ / Ridgewood, NJ)

On Sunday night, I met a friend of mine (the author of Living the Wheat Free Life) for dinner in Red Bank.
Gluten Free / Dairy Free Flat Bread at Pizza Fusion

We had intended to go to Via45 but they were closed to attend a food fair in New York City. We discussed the local GF options: Good Karma CafĂ© (review), Melting Pot, a restaurant whose GF menu is heavily butter based and Pizza Fusion. [We did touch quickly on some other central Jersey eateries but decided not to drive - we'll revisit those soon!]Since I’ve already reviewed Pizza Fusion (read the previous Pizza Fusion review here), I was leaning more towards trying somewhere new. In the end though, we decided to walk up the block to Pizza Fusion and boy am I glad we did!

I had heard rumors that Pizza Fusion was test marketing gluten free flat bread for their Flat Bread and Dip Trio appetizer. This is now out and also available with their new Vegetarian Antipasto as well as with their Bacon and Sweet Corn Fonduta. (Please note, all three appetizers contain dairy, both the Dip Trio and the Vegetarian Antipasto can be made dairy free/vegan on request.)

Vegetarian Antipasto made Vegan at Pizza Fusion
I usually skip the appetizer at most restaurants (since a GF/DF item that isn’t shrimp cocktail rarely exists) so it was a treat to have options. We decided on the Vegetarian Antipasto (made vegan since we're both dairy free) and the gluten free flatbread to start. The flat bread was served warm and well seasoned. The Antipasto was a collection of sliced pears in a balsamic glaze, marinated zucchini ribbons and roasted vegetable caponata. (The candied walnuts and gorgonzola cheese needed to be left off.)

Just a quick side note, I noticed on the menu that the ingredients listed for the pizza no longer contain egg. If eggs are a problem for you (or you need vegan options) you may want to double check to confirm this is the case.

Gluten Free / Dairy Free Tuscan Steak Sandwich at Pizza Fusion
Pizza Fusion has greatly expanded their sandwich offerings and best of all . . . wait for it . . . they now offer gluten free sub sandwich rolls for their sandwiches!!! We just couldn’t pass up something new and exciting and both had sandwiches for dinner. I had the Tuscan Steak Sandwich (sans mayo and provolone) which came oven-toasted and was delicious. The roll was an average size, toasty on the outside but still soft on the inside. It held together nicely through the entire sandwich.

Obviously you do still need to be careful what you add to the sandwich to make sure the components are gluten and/or dairy free (as needed).  Our waitress was quite knowledgealbe in that regard and when she wasn't she rushed off to the kitchen to double check!
Gluten Free / Dairy Free Brownie at Pizza Fusion

Finally, for dessert we had the gluten free / dairy free brownie. (From the receipt it appears that this now comes with gelato if you aren’t DF?) All and all an amazing dinner.

Has anyone else eaten at Pizza Fusion lately?  Tried the new flat bread or sub rolls?  What did you think?

Update 3/8/12 - just found out that the Ridgewood location doesn't have these yet.  Be sure to call your local location and ask if they have the rolls and if not, when they are getting them in!
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