Sunday, March 11, 2012

Product Review: Amy’s Gluten Free Wraps

Dear Amy’s, these are awesome; please make your Vegetable Pie in a Pocket Gluten Free too!

Just a quick warning up front, Amy’s makes a number of gluten containing products so be sure you’ve got the gluten free versions! 
Amy's Gluten Free / Dairy Free Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap

I recently tried two of Amy’s three new Gluten Free wraps – Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap and Teriyaki Wrap. (Haven’t seen the breakfast Tofu scramble but am looking forward to trying it – especially since it doesn’t contain cheese!) [Another warning, all three contain soy.] [And one final item, the printer mistakenly listed wheat in the Allergen statement on some of the Teriyaki wraps. This issue has been corrected, it was only a printer issue, there are no wheat ingredients and never were.]

Amy’s already makes two other gluten free wraps: Gluten Free Cheddar Burrito (contains dairy; soy free) and Gluten Free Non-Dairy Burrito (dairy free, soy free). I haven’t tried the Cheddar for obvious reasons and I think the Non-Dairy may have too much tomato in it for me to handle. (Yes, the Aloo Mattar contains tomato but it was fairly far down the ingredients list and it didn’t bother me.)
Amy's Gluten Free / Dairy Free Teriyaki Wrap

Each wrap is 5.5 ounces so they're more of a snack than a full meal. Both split a bit while baking but this did not lead to any dripping or bursting while eating. The wrap itself is a bit more than an 1/8 of an inch thick and in a lot of the places where the outer surface seemed to crack, the inner didn’t. (Do keep in mind that you still need to be careful with them while eating, no gluten free wrap will hold up to the same abuse as a wheat based wrap.)

I baked both according to the baking instructions. Just a warning here, they require you to pre-heat the oven, then bake for 20 minutes, flip and bake for an additional 25-30 minutes. There are microwave instructions and I’ll try them that way next time. (Spoiler alert, I’ll be buying these again!). You can microwave them start to finish in under 5 minutes (including wait times). Since these bake wrapped in foil they weren’t super crispy when done. Not sure how microwaving will affect them.

Since most Teriyaki sauces contain wheat it is nice to have access to ready-made teriyaki products (Amy’s also does a Teriyaki bowl). I’ve never had Aloo Mattar before but the wrap was really good. It was a touch spicy but still quite mild. I did prefer the Aloo Mattar but that was just personal preference. Both were equally good and as noted above I will be buying them again.

One final thought: I used to love Amy’s Vegetable Pie in a Pockets (warning: contains gluten) and hope they consider making these using the same gluten free wraps!

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