Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Company Review: Boar’s Head

I stopped briefly at the table for Boar’s Head products during the Colin Leslie walk and in hindsight wish I had talked with them a bit more. They were doing promotional giveaways (items with their company name/logo on them) and I was much more interested in the food giveaways! (Sorry, Boar’s Head, it certainly didn’t help that you were directly across from Izzi-B’s tower of gf/df cupcakes!)

Boar's Head Gluten Free Dairy Free
Pork Free Turkey Pepperoni
All of their products are gluten free and say so right on the packaging. Their products also note whether or not they contain dairy on the packaging. On their website, they have something called the DigiCatessen – a virtual deli case. All of the items within it are flagged as gluten free and/or dairy free.

It was this “dairy free” flag that convinced me to try their turkey pepperoni even though it contains lactic acid starter culture (which is often sourced from dairy). I gave them a call to confirm and he woman who answered my call was extremely knowledgeable and very well trained on food allergies/allergens. She knew all the answers I needed (cross-contamination, etc) before I even asked! [Their lactic acid is not sourced from dairy, by-the-way.]

As a matter of fact, as of this writing, only four of their meats contain dairy (Mortadella, Chorizo, Pesto Parmesan Ham, and Italian Style Roast Beef with Braciole Seasoning). Oh, and they make these at the end of the day so they are sure nothing else is cross contaminated!

Overall, it seems like Boar’s Head is really committed to being gluten free and allergy aware.

[The photo above is of a gf/df pizza I made using Udi's Gluten Free Pizza Crusts.]

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