Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Karina's Chicken Chili with White Beans, Sweet Potato, and Lime

I had some sweet potatoes left over this weekend that I had intended to turn into Karina's African Sweet Potato Soup (with three types of beans, peppers, onions, spices) some night this week.  That is until I saw that Karina had a new sweet potato recipe on her blog:  Karina's Chicken Chili with White Beans, Sweet Potato and Lime.

Karina's Chicken Chili with Sweet Potato, White Beans and Lime
Her photo and description really made this sound wonderful.  I had to fight the urge to make this Sunday night instead of working on my upcoming Tomato Free Jambalaya recipe (due out soon).  I did however get to make it last night and it was every bit as good as I imagined it would be (even though my photo isn't nearly as vibrant as hers was!).

I had it again for lunch today at work (one of the joys of living alone, lots of left overs) and still have three more meals in the freezer.  It was just as good this afternoon as it was last night.  This recipe has definitely earned its place in my rotation of favorites!

On final thought, I tagged this article as vegan even though the recipe calls for roast chicken.  I think it would be wonderful without the chicken as well.  Just swap out the chicken stock for vegetable stock, omit the chicken, and you're all set!

Other recipes on my favorites list (in addition to the two Karina recipes above):

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