Sunday, February 12, 2012

Upcoming Celiac Support Group Meetings

I’m a member of six area support groups. A number of groups took a month or two (or three) off around the holidays and my schedule kept me from some of the other meetings and events. This month however my three closest groups are all meeting and I can’t wait. It is always nice to see familiar faces, catch up on the latest gossip (i.e. what new products are good, which restaurants now have gluten free menus, etc), and enjoy the company of others who completely get what it is to live with food issues (while each group focuses on Celiac Disease/Gluten Free there are plenty of members in each with multiple food issues/intolerances/allergies).

First up is the GF Club at the Fine Grind in Little Falls, NJ on Monday February 13th. Two days later on Wednesday February 15th the Lyndhurst NJ Celiac Support Group meets. And finally, on Thursday February 23rd the Northern NJ Celiac Disease Support Group Meetup meets.

If you are looking for other NJ celiac/gluten free groups then check out my Gluten Free NJ Events Page. If you are outside of New Jersey, I’ve got an entire article on Finding a Celiac Support Group.

If I’m missing a group or a meeting please let me know through the Contact Me form in the left sidebar.

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  1. Just found out there is no Lyndhurst support group meeting tonight.


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