Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Product Review: Gluten Free Egg Rolls by Feel Good Foods

It was announced last year that Feel Good Foods (the company that brought us gluten free asian dumplings) would be launching gluten free egg rolls in the beginning of 2012. I heard in mid-January that these had hit stores and I checked for them in every GF store in the area.

Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Egg Roll
I finally encountered them this past weekend at Dean’s Natural Foods Market (1119 Highway 35 Ocean, NJ 07712 and 490 Broad Street Shrewsbury, NJ 07702). They come as Chicken, Shrimp or Vegetable egg rolls but Dean’s only had the vegetable ones. Dean’s price was quite reasonable as I’ve seen the Feel Good Foods dumplings fairly highly marked up elsewhere.

The egg rolls come three to a box with instructions for microwaving or baking (or a combination of the two). I baked one up for lunch on Sunday and it was amazing. It came out of the oven nicely browned and crispy. (It did explode a bit out the side as you can see in the photo but no issue there.)

I used some duck sauce I had the in refrigerator but really regret not having any takeout packets of duck sauce (no nearby gf takeout Chinese = no drawer full of gf takeout soy sauce/duck sauce packets). [Duck sauce is that orange dipping sauce traditionally served with egg rolls.]

And this brings us to the only downside I found (and yes it is fairly minor) - there weren’t any duck sauce packets in with the egg rolls. While I’ve found a couple of jarred duck sauces, I’ve never found one as good as the little takeout packets. I certainly understand that this would add to the cost/difficulty in producing the egg rolls, it would just have been a nice-to-have. Of course, now I’ve added a good duck sauce to my quest of missing gluten free foods.

Without tasting them first, I was reluctant to request a store carry them.  Now that I have tasted them, I am confident every store should carry them. I have heard that some Whole Foods in the Trenton area carry them and like I mentioned before I found them in Dean’s. I am going to recommend them to my local Whole Foods (West Orange) and to anyone else who will listen! (Feel Good Foods provides a request form you can give your local GF Store.)

[While I always recommend you frequent your local GF shop (click here for my NJ GF Store List), if you can’t for some reason, then they are available from the Gluten Free Mall here: Feel Good Foods Gluten-Free Egg Rolls, but remember since they come frozen shipping will be expensive.]

If you haven’t tried these already you owe it to yourself to do so as soon as possible!


  1. Had the chicken vegetable egg roll, which wasn't bad and certainly satisfied my craving for some Asian food. Also disappointed that there were no dipping sauces, but used jarred duck on one and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar (in lieu of soy sauce) on another. Love that the wrapper does get nice and crispy. Don't know that I'd microwave them though without a crisping sleeve.

  2. P.S. Found a really nice market that has a wonderful GF selection, fruit smoothie bar & freshly prepared items. You may want to check them out and add to your NJ stores: Green Life Market - 1388 Rte. 23 North, Butler, New Jersey 07405 (973-283-8322)


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