Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best of Gluten Free Awards – by Triumph Dining

It’s time to vote in Triumph Dining’s Annual Best of Gluten Free Awards. The survey is 55 questions in 11 categories and took me about 10 minutes to complete (although there were certain product groups that I just don’t use and therefore had no opinion on).
Vote for the Best of Gluten-Free 2012

One can write in answers under ‘Other’ and I recommend you do. They state that if they see a trend in the write ins, they’ll add the item to the list. I found a couple of categories lacking in the true best product. (And countries as well, I can’t believe that Spain wasn’t listed – after all McDonald’s in Spain now carry GF buns!

In exchange for voting, Triumph Dining is offering prizes to 75 winners (3 Amazon Kindle Fires, 25 copies of The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guides and 50 Asian Cuisine Triumph Dining Card Kits.

Survey ends March 1, 2012 and they state they’ll announce winners shortly after that.

* Please note, if you don’t have a favorite in a particular category, they recommend that you select ‘Other’ and write in ‘none’ or ‘no answer’.

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